10 Solid Reasons Why Every Woman Should Ride Motorcycles

We all love riding, and that’s why we’re here. We’ve all got our reasons for it.

Some of us just don’t like the walls of a cage. Some of us want to ride under the open sky. Some of us want the agility of 2 wheels.

And some of us want to be more in connect with riding. Riding is a soul-enriching experience. And while not all of us may ride for the same reasons, quite a few of them are common across all riders.

However, this list isn’t about why anyone should ride. This is particularly for women. Why women should ride. Reasons over and above the usual on why you should take up riding.

And ladies, do note that this list was complied by a man. So spare me the brunt if I faulted anywhere.

1. Something Other Women Don’t Do

Only 12.3% of motorcyclists are women. Obviously, for every 7 men who ride, there’s just women who does. Riding, if not anything, would really set you apart (and above!) from the rest of your gal pals!

2. Genuine Reason To Wear Leather!

Leather never did or will go out of fashion. There’re very few things hotter on the planet, for us men, than a fine looking woman in some fine looking leather. As a rider, you have all the legit reasons to dawn it quite a lot of times!

3. Men Dig Women Who Ride

We really do. On many of our features, we talk about the two loves in life we have. And that are: motoryclces, and women. And, when you combine the two, there’s hard to come up with anything better.

4. Instant Egotistical Man Identifier

While a progressive man will love the fact that you ride. The egotistical orthodox male chauvnist won’t. He’ll hate your guts the moment he sees you mount the wheels, and that’s an instant identifier of the breed you should certainly steer clear of.

5. Makes Your Driving Better

Studies have shown that riding a motorcycle reguarly improves your cognitive abilities. And as a rider, I can tell you, once you start riding, your awareness of the road will reach another level altogether, making you a much better driver. Let no male chauvnist tell you that women aren’t good drivers.

6. The Coolest Soccer Mom

Your kids are never going to be embarrassed with you, if you pick them up on your cool new Harley instead of that boring old station wagon.

7. Better For Your Figure

That probably may sound absurd at first, but it really isn’t. Studies have shown that motorcycling is akin to a full body exercise. All the movement you need to do maintain the balance, make turns, etc. gives a proper workout to most of your muscles, keeping them toned!

8. Inspiration To Other Women

Motorcycling has long been associated with self-reliance, independence, self-confidence, and a variety of other good virtues. These are the perfect ethos of women empowerment. As the only woman in your block or your group or your gym, who rides, you can be a great symbol for the rest of your female friends.

9. Be Happier, Sexier, More Confident

Again, we aren’t making this up. Harley-Davidson actually published stats from a study in 2013, with some amazing finds about women riders.

37 percent of riders vs 16 percent of non-riders always feel happy.
27 percent of riders vs 7 percent of non-riders always feel sexy.
35 percent of riders vs 18 percent of non-riders always feel confident.
51 percent of riders vs 35 percent of non-riders were content with their physical intimacy.

Further, 34% of the women riders felt “less stressed”.

10. Last But Not The Least, Because It’s F-ing Awesome!

Go back to the intro and you’ll realize what we’re talking about. Men may be from Mars and women may be from Venus, but they’re both human beings. And there are very things that enrich the human soul as motorcycling does!



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