6 Reasons Why Harley-Davidsons Are Simply The Best Motorcycles Ever

There’s probably no other motorcycle brand on the planet which is as loved as Harley is.

But then again, it’s also one of the most despised. And there’s good reason for both.

While people like us see Harleys for the wonderful machines they are, others are not really able to appreciate the specific joy they give. Harleys today aren’t built to lead on specsheets but lead in the hearts of the people who ride them.

One of the mains reasons why Harley is a despised brand by many is that Harley enthusiasts are not always able to eloquently express why they love their motorcycles so much!

In light of that, we felt there’s a strong need to come out with a bunch of honest-to-good logical and quantifiable reasons on why Harleys are just the best motorcycles your money can buy.

1. The Heavy Weight Does Really Help

Harleys are heavy motorcycles. And that takes us a toll on their performance. But, if you’ve toured enough, you’d know how a heavy weight is what you desire more on longer routes than a feather-weight. The simple reason is that the added weight lets the motorcycle be well planted on the road in the face of high-speed winds. Therefore, they’re much more comfortable and pleasurable to ride for longer distances.

2. The Benefits of a V-Twin

You may look at a standard Harley’s engine specs and you’re bound to be disappointed. Some of them make as little as 60 horses. But, as we said earlier, Harley wins in experience and not on specsheets. These 60 horses are paired with some insane amounts of torque. The result, you don’t really need to bother about changing gears often. On the interstate, you can always continue riding in top gear and not bother to shift down to make that overtake!

3. Harleys can last a lifetime

There are two kinds of Harley motors out there. First, like the current Twin Cams, which are remarkably long-living beings. And second, motors which can be rebuilt about an infinite number of times. There’s a 1991 FXRT on display in the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum with a million miles on it!

4. The Repair & Service System is just impeccable!

It really is. Harley Dealers are everywhere in the country, just everywhere. It’s hard to find a place in the country with civilization where you can’t get your Harley repaired or serviced. Add to that the option of a factory engine rebuild for certain models. We aren’t aware of any manufacturer that does that in today’s time.

5. The Aftermarket Support is brilliant

No matter how your built your motor, there’re people out there who’ve done it. It’s literally possible to make a Harley motor without a single piece from The Mothership. A ton of the country’s custom builders and repair shops work exclusively on Harleys.

6. They’re impeccably easy to work on

Harleys are impeccably easy to work on. You may never really need the dealer networks, repair shops, custom builders, and all the experts out there to fix things on your Harley. Valve adjustments, chain cleaning, lubing, carburetor cleaning on a Harley are things that can be done in a breeze by just about any guy who loves his motorcycle!

So, we’re not saying that there isn’t any other good motorcycle in the world. There certainly are same great pieces of engineering. But the collective of all that we’ve told you above is what makes a Harley a great package of a motorcycle to own! What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the Comments’ Section below.




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