9 Great American Motorcycle Events Every Biker MUST Attend At Least Once

As we’ve been saying for long, motorcycling isn’t just a way of commute, it’s a way of life.

Motorcycling is a culture in itself. And a really big part of that culture are motorcycling events. One there are the shorter events like charity runs and your club rides.

And then there’re the larger festivals, generally held annually, across the country. These festivals see participation from tens of thousands of bikers and are an absolute bonanza for anyone and everyone who loves the motorcycling culture. Today we round up 10 of the best biker events in the country!

1. AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

At the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, it is held in the summers, every year. Organized by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), the festival draws thousands of vintage bike enthusiasts from around the country.

2. Biketoberfest

If the name didn’t make it clear enough, this one’s held in October every year. And don’t worry, it’s not too cold. That’s because the event is organized at Daytona Beach in Florida. The festival includes track events, rallies, and quite a lot more!

3. Daytona Bike Week

The event is a rather huge one. Every year it draws crowds of as much as half a million bikers! The festival is organized in the first week of March every year. This one includes street festivals, races, and concerts. The culminating event in the Daytona Bike Week is the Daytona 200 Race.

4. Americade Rally

The Americade Rally have proclaimed themselves as the “World’s Largest Touring Rally”. With over 50,000 bikers taking part, they really seem to have substance in their claim. It is organized in the week following Memorial Day, in June, in the lap of Adirondack Mountains in the state of New York. Events in the festival include drill shows, scavenger hunts, seminars, and quite a few tours!

5. LA Calendar Motorcycle Show

True to the spirit of Los Angeles, this biker fest is more about bling than anything else on the list. Generally organized in July every year, it sees quite a few custom bike competitions. The much-famed S&S Cycle World Record Dyno Shootout is also part of this fest.

6. Legend of the Motorcycle

Unlike other biker events which have quite a lot of fun, food, and casual drinking, this one’s a bit different. It’s a fairly high-end concours. Only bikes dating before 1976 are allowed. It’s organized in Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay every year.

7. Love Ride

This one’s the event about spreading love. Not the romantic kind, but the humanitarian kind. The ride raises money for various charitable organizations. It originated in the California town of Glendale. Since 1985, Jay Leno has been marshaling the Love Ride.

8. Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction

The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction is a peculiar confluence of living motorcycling legends. The Induction takes place annually. It is done at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, situated in Pickerington, Ohio.

9. Sturgis Rally

Arguably the most popular motorcycling event in the country. It’s been going on since 1938. Held in the small town of Sturgis in the State of Dakota, the 2015 version of the rally saw over 700,000 people coming in for the rally! It’s organized in August every year.



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