Amazing Moment When Biker Gets Back On His Harley-Davidson 3 Years After Losing His Leg

The life of a Rockford (Illinois) man, Troy Malone was turned upside down one fateful day. He was was walking near a large truck at his workplace.

The driver released the brakes, and that caused the truck to roll forward.

The truck ran up over the back of Malone’s right leg. He had to undergo 20 surgeries, in hope of saving his limb. However, after that, he just got tired, and wanted to go back to his life outside the hospital.

When he finally couldn’t take it anymore, he asked the doctors to amputate his leg.

Malone had been riding since he was 16. He says:

“It’s like in my blood.”
“That’s what I’ve always loved to do and I couldn’t see myself doing anything in my free time besides riding, there’s just nothing like it.”

During the time, Malone used worship music, which would often bring him to tears! He never thought he’d ever be able to ride again with his prosthetic leg.

“I like to set goals and prove people wrong when they say you can’t do something.”

Three years later, he finally hopped onto his Harley-Davidson. He was riding after such a long time. He says he now feels that he’s back where he belongs. That is, on the open road!

His inspiring and heart-touching story will now feature as a web show. The show is called, “My Biker Life”, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it!



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