Angry Driver Assaults Biker’s Girlfriend. Fight Ensues [Video]

Some time ago a video went viral. It has been viewed close to 16 million times now.

The video showed this old guy come out of his car at a signal. And then, he straight away punched a rider in the helmet.

The biker was accompanied by his girlfriend. When she tries to pull aside this angry old man, he pushed her against the biker. Until yet, the biker had just yelled at this drunk idiot. But this was the limit.

He pinned the man down to the ground. Fast forward to 50 seconds, that’s where the real action begins.

What he did next isn’t something you’d really expect. In a case of road rage like this, you’d expect a man’s rage to get the better of him.

After all, this drunk idiot punched the rider in the face and then assaulted his girlfriend. But our biker guy is one calm man. He kept the drunk idiot pinned down to the ground, asking him if he’d continue the assault if let go.

What we’ve come to know now is that the guy apparently was drunk. He had had a good 4-5 shots of whiskey, before he took the wheel. He was charged with Driving Under Influence, as well as Assault. And why did all this happen?

Watch the video below to see why the assault began in the first place. And an interview with our guy and his girlfriend!



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