‘Battle Cars’ Is The Newest And Best Trend In The Auto World

Just yesterday, while wandering the enchanted forest paths of the internet, we bumped into this BMW Z3 “off-roadster.”

In doing so we hit upon the newest—and certainly best—trend in automobilia: it’s called Battle Cars, and it rules.

Battle Cars covers any generally sporty car converted for off-road use. That means meaty off-road tires, and typically a lift and fender flares to go along with it. We’ve been aware of this type of vehicle—which you’ve no doubt seen around, and more on that in a bit—but had never seen it had a proper name, or a subculture around it.

I kind of imagine that this whole thing sprung forth pretty organically from the fascination with stance. The internet car world was just getting familiar with ultra-wide riveted fender flares that the off-road world was pretty accustomed to. The idea of a good stance on a car, the right look in how the car sits, applies just as well to cars sitting high and wide as it does ones sitting ultra low.

Of course, none of this is all-too new. Those Safari 911s call back to the kind of lifted sports cars that raced in the East African Safari Rally for decades, popular with this kind of vibe in the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and on, even now still popular as a vintage race.

Those cars have been popular for years, and I myself bought a lifted Baja Bug when I went out looking for a cool-looking and attainable old car.

The name is a fun one to run down. The most recent big use of ‘battle cars’ was in the precursor to Rocket League. It was called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars and nobody played it back when it came out in 2008. The cars were, unsurprisingly, lifted Mad Max-style rides.

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