Bikers Come to 5-year-old Bullied Kid’s Rescue After Uncle’s Facebook Post Goes Viral

Bullying is something that is so wrong, yet so common.

It’s my personal belief that a lot of the gloom and doom we see around us today is somewhere rooted in bullying.

No child ever deserves to go through that psychological trauma.

Peyton is a cute little 5-year old who went to school just like everybody else his age. Peyton studies at Glenwood City Elementary School in Wisconsin. And then he was bullied like you can’t expect. He wasn’t just made fun of. He was apparently pushed and knocked around near a bus stop. He suffered injuries on his face, and had to get many stitches!

Concerned by the incident, Peyton’s uncle, Tom Matoska posted about the incident on his Facebook wall. The post became viral. And when Tom’s biker buddies saw the post, they wanted to set things better.

So, these bikers decided to give the little guy support and courage to not feel little anymore. So, they decided to meet troubled little Peyton. Quite a lot of them gathered and went to meet the boy.

One of the bikers said:

“He did nothing to deserve this and he doesn’t need to be afraid to come to school.”

Meanwhile, another said:

“We’ll make sure it never happens again. It should’ve never happened to begin with. OK?”

The bikers then gifted Peyton his own little bike. They accepted Peyton as his own, and I don’t think he would be afraid to go to school anymore. Overwhelmed by this all, Peyton’s mother, Jackie Miller, said:

“Today is a good day. Yes. Today is a good day.”

And a good day, it indeed was. We have nothing but massive respect for guys like this, and we hope more people acted like them. Let us all grown-ups take action, and put an end to bullying!



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