Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Members Refused Service Over Combat Vests

In a shocking incident at Harker Heights, members of a veterans’ motorcycle club, the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association were refused service at a restaurant.

The members had just participated in a funeral, and thought of eating out at a nearby establishment, Richard Rawling’s Garage.

However, the thought was where it stopped. As they entered the restaurant, they were told that they can’t wear their vests. The manager told them that they wouldn’t be served until they removed their vests! Personally, I find it deplorable that men who once served the country were denied to be served at this restaurant!

s any bunch of bikers with self-respect would do, these guys decided to leave instead lay down their colors. One of the vets, Joe Lipp, said:

“It’s a matter of pride of who we are, what we are, where we’ve been, what we represent.”

When someone posted about this on social media, it went abuzz. Channel 6 news soon covered it. And when they reached out to the restaurant, they explained:

“We have a dress code posted at the restaurant that requires that groups do not wear their MC colors in the restaurant. This is simply a safety and security decision.”

In wake of the Waco shooting, their response may seem reasonable at first. However, these vets were known in the area do a lot of good. They are a bunch of community-serving vets, and not some thugs from a one-percenter motorcycle gang! When the veteran bikers were asked if they’d ever go to the restaurant again, they said, “probably not”. Heck, I wouldn’t ever go to that place, now!

It’s really unfair to put all bikers in one basket and treat them as a bunch of crooks. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments section below.



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