Electra Glide/Road Glide Comparison: Five Things We Learned

Two Harley Glide models are pitted against one another, and you may be surprised by the differences between them.

When it comes to Harley-Davidson’s lineup of touring motorcycles, there’s a bit of a sibling rivalry between the Electra Glide and Road Glide.

The motorcycles have similar dimensions, share similar engines, and are even priced similarly.

With the two bikes sharing so much in common, Motorcycle.com got both motorcycles together to see how they compare against one another. Here are five things we learned from the video.

The major difference between the two bikes boils down to the fairings – the Electra Glide Ultra Classic has a fork-mounted fairing, while the Road Glide Ultra has a frame-mounted fairing.

The first thing we learned is that the differences between the two, surprise, surprise, are minimal. Motorcycle.com covered 1,000 miles on both motorcycles in 24 hours, which is no easy feat, and found that the Road Glide Ultra was more stable on windier days. Large gusts of wind, as the outlet found, pushed the Electra Glide on the road more than it did with the other bike.

Harley-Davidson Road Glide

In the handling department, the Electra Glide with its fork-mounted fairing was sportier and stiffer than the Road Glide, while the latter provided for a cushier ride. Motorcycle.com can’t really pin a single cause for the difference, but attributes it to the minor differences in handlebar and fairing setup.

In terms of being easier to use, the Road Glide wins that comparison, as it offers more protection for riders, has features that are easier to reach, including storage compartments, a phone connector, and an easy to reach outlet.

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

The fourth thing we learned from the video is that the Daymaker headlight on the Electra Glide is in another league than the headlights fitted onto the Road Glide. That may surprise some, as the Road Glide features two bulbs opposed to the Electra Glide’s lonely unit. Riders that cover a lot of ground when the sun goes down will appreciate the Electra Glide’s more powerful headlight.

Lastly, despite being the more comfortable bike on the road for longer rides, Motorcycle.com still recommends purchasing the Electra Glide, as it’s the cheaper option. It also comes down to the instruments, specifically the Boom! Infotainment System, which is closer to the rider in the Electra Glide and easier to read.
These might not be large differences, but both motorcycles, despite having a lot in common, have different personalities that will cater to different riders. Watch the video above, and take Motorcycle.com’s points in mind, but be sure to take both bikes on an extensive ride before settling on one.




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