Going Viral: Cyclist Tries to Steal Keys of a Biker, Gets Instant Karma – WARNING: BAD LANGUAGE

“Stealing is a bad habit”. “Theft is a criminal offense”. Those two statements taught in our childhood are enough for nearly all of us to never take another’s thing.

That is, if you didn’t already have the sense for that. Though, not everyone is smart/nice enough. People still do steal. Here, in the states, motorcycle thefts are on the rise.

And with time, the thieves have only got smarter. More clever. Most motorcycles that are stolen never find their way back to their owner.

Maybe, that’s what these guys thought of, when they tried to steal the keys of this guy’s motorcycle. Little did they know the kind of badass he was.

It’s almost become a classic trick now. You’re on the road, on your bike. Someone stops you and distracts you. As you attend to this distracter, a guy pulls the keys out of your bike.

By the time you realize, get off your bike and race behind the other guy, they’ve already gotten a good start. You generally aren’t able to catch up. And now, not only have your keys been taken away from you, but you’ve also been taken away from your bike.

As you were trying to chase the guy who took the keys, the distracter walks away with the bike. They meet a little later and fly off with their new bike. So, don’t fall prey to this cunning trap. This guy clearly didn’t.

The second the other guy tried to take the keys off he noticed. He immediately got off, caught hold of the guy. Whooped his ass a bit. Got his keys back. And went full Rambo!




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