Guy Walks Into a Biker Bar Talking on His Hand…- Hilarious Joke of the Day

This guy walks into a biker bar talking on his hand.

The bartender asks “What the hell are you doing?”

He says “I’m talking on my phone.”

The bartender says “What do you mean, you’re talking on your hand?”

He says “I know but it’s also a phone.

Here tell me your number and I’ll call your house an you can talk to whoever is their.

So the bartender tells him his number and it works, but the bartender tells him not to talk on his hand here or he’ll get his ass kicked.

So he walks in to the bathroom.

A hour later the bartender figures he probably got his ass kicked.

So he walks in to the bathroom and the guys standing naked in the middle of the bathroom with toilet paper sticking out of his ass.

The bartender asks “What are you doing now? The guy replied “I am waiting for a fax.”



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