Harley Davidson Gets Transformed During A Dry Ice Pressure Wash Blast! WOW!

Motorcyclists understand the frustration of having to keep their motorcycle clean and free of build up.

As you ride through town a wide range of grime and unwanted materiel tends to dirty up the exterior of the bike.

there are a wide variety of cleaning products sold to get it off.

However, in this video we show you an alternative process that many of you may want to check out!

In this video we take a look at a process that’s known as dry ice blasting.

Basically, the bike is coated in a substance that is then pressure washed off to reveal a better than new appearance.

Follow along in the video to check out the process of dry ice blasting! We are pretty sure that most of you will want to try it out as you see how it peels back all of the contaminants on the paint! To see it in action click below!



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