‘Harley Hearse’ Turns Heads at Officer Lehner’s Funeral

Craig E. Lehner was a hardworking officer of the Buffalo Police.

His friends remember him as their “Superman”. Lehner, a K-9 officer, was a member of the department’s underwater recovery unit.

Ironically, he died during a training exercise on the October 13th. His death came as a shock to quite a many, even those who didn’t know him.

His funeral ceremony saw a crowd of about 7,000 people! It concluded at the Forest Lawn, after having begun at the Lakeside Memorial Home in Hamburg.

Lehner was formerly also a member of the Army National Guard. He had also taken training to take a tour in Iraq, but for some reason couldn’t go.

In his personal time, Lehner liked to ride a Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide. And even though Lehner may have left for the heavenly adbobes days ago, the Tri-Glide was still there for his last ride.

Something that turned heads at the funeral was the hearse Lehner was carried in. His mother had requested the funeral home for their Harley hearse to be used.

It’s a customized 1000-pound trailer and casket hearse that is generally pulled by a Harley-Davidson.

It’s used about 30 times a year by the funeral home, mainly for veterans. This time, the bike that pulled this Harley Hearse was Lehner’s own Tri-Glide.



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