He was about to put down his senior war dog, then a group of biker showed up

Sargeant Canvas is a military combat dog that had the ability to sniff out up to 70 different kinds of bombs, explosives and other IEDs.

After serving multiple tours, Sargeant Canvas, a bomb sniffing combat dog, had been struggling physically. After a terrible fall, the pooch began to experience spinal cord problems, and was clearly in a lot of pain.

Over the years the dog began to experience severe spinal issues and caused her a lot of pain. They had to make the difficult decision to put the service dog to sleep.

An entire crowd gathered to rally support for Sgt. Canvas, and his family. On the dog’s last car ride hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects to the canine veteran.

These bomb-sniffing dogs sometimes pay the ultimate price for our soldiers, and should be praised for their efforts.



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