Heads Up: New Harley Video Features Versatility of Pilot 3-in-1 Helmets

Hybrid helmets offer various options for different types of coverage. We take a look under the lid.
Let’s say you’re hitting the open road for a weekend trip.

Chances are that changes in weather, terrain, or comfort may make you want or need to change your helmet. Switching up from full-face to half-helmet can be inconvenient, and a buzzkill. Rather than investing in several different helmets, you might find the answer is a little flexibility in your gear.

Harley-Davidson has got you covered with their Pilot 3-in-1 helmets.

The Pilot X04 3-in-1 helmets come in two styles, the Pilot I and the Pilot II. The major difference between the Pilot I and Pilot II is the type and style of face masks. Both feature lightweight and unisex thermoplastic shells, an integrated sun shield, good venting, and meet DOT standards. And the design is very slick. But the coolest feature is how they seamlessly go from half-helmet, to a 3/4 (called a 5/8th in this model), to full-face coverage. This helmet has all the accessories you’d expect from a solid lid from H-D and focuses not just on adaptability, but also fit and comfort.

The real draw here is that the half-helmet can be modified to wear three ways. You can attach and remove the face mask and rear comfort sleeve to achieve maximum comfort, and desired coverage. To see how these sleek bad boys work, check out the video demonstration of the helmet’s capabilities.

Harley-Davidson Pilot I

Harley-Davidson Pilot II



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