Home Invasion Thug Stabs 75-Year-Old Man, 80-Year-Old Wife BLOWS THUG AWAY

An intruder broke into a home in Monroe, Washington and began stabbing a 75-year old man.

Fortunately for the victim, but unfortunately for the intruder, the man’s 80-year old wife was home. The woman grabbed her gun, walked in, and shot the man who was stabbing her husband.

The 25-year old intruder died at the scene.

After the woman shot the intruder, who had a history of criminality, she called 911. Her husband was taken to nearby Harborview Medical Center where he is in stable condition.

The woman was not injured and is being hailed as a hero for saving her husband’s life.

The couple live in a rural area so it is fortunate that the woman not only possessed a firearm but knew how to use it. Had she waited for police to arrive, the stabbing of her husband would have continued and he would have likely died. Both she and their adult son’s lives would have also been at risk.

Reporter Rob Munoz asked police what happens to the wife now regarding her use of a gun even though she was protecting her home and husband.

Major crimes will investigate. At the end of the investigation, any charges that they might recommend will be forwarded to the prosecutor and it will be up to the prosecuting attorney.

If this woman is charged with any crime for protecting her home and family by exercising her Second Amendment rights, it will be an outrage and those who support and claim to defend our gun rights should come to her defense.



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