‘Hottest Gran In The World’ Stuns Her Followers By Revealing Her Real Age

‘Hottest Gran In The World’ is a Californian yoga teacher and recently she just celebrated her 40th birthday. While this story is not special at all is the fact that this woman has the body of a supermodel. Her selfies are always bombastic and she will never pass as a woman who just had her 40th birthday.

Alice Vasquez had her child when she was only 16 and being a young mother at such a young age, she described that she ‘was always on the go’. And right now, she is a young grandmother, but people couldn’t even guess that she just hit 40.

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Alice Vasquez was a mother at the age of 16. She currently works as a yoga instructor.
Being a grandmother at 40 doesn’t stop her from calling herself the ‘Hottest Gran In The World’
For her birthday celebration, Alice decided to do it in the most glamorous spot for parties: Las Vegas.

She might be 40, but she is also the same woman who spends her birthday nightclubbing, enjoying a pool party and visiting Spearmint Rhino the strip joint. Her strip to Spearmint Rhino was to ‘support all of the single mums that dance for a living. And let’s just say she knows what she was talking about.

And while the two enjoyed the party of their life, her son-in-law takes care of her three granddaughters. To maintain her beauty, Alice has spent more than $60,000. Multiple surgeries have been done on her and, well, they were definitely worth it for her. Despite the fact that she spent so much, she wanted to show other women to not be ashamed of their age. They don’t need to feel old and be confident.

That is what she told Fabulous Digital. A lot of guys mistook her for someone who is in her 20s but shocked many when revealed her real age which was about to be forty-oh. And they couldn’t believe their eyes when they were actually attracted to a 39-year-old woman who is also a grandmother of three.



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