Motorcyclist Survives After Driving into Baling Wire Strung Across Osage County Road

In a shocking incident from near Avant in Oakland, a motorcyclist, Carl Smith, was stuck with a bailing wire when driving through a rural road. Somebody had strung along the bailing wire in the middle of the road.

The incident happened west of Avant, near County Roads 2275 and 2230. It was 2 in the night, and Smith was riding his Harley through the road. He did see the wire being illuminated by his headlights, but thought it was a spider web.

It was only after the wire went over his bike completely, striking him straight in the neck, that he realized what it was. The wire wrapped around his neck. Normally, in an accident like this, we’d expect the biker’s neck to either suffer a serious wound, or have him be knocked off the bike.

However, Smith was very lucky. The wire snapped after Smith drove it a few feet. It was raining, and at first, Smith thought that he was bleeding. So, he quickly rushed home. He realized he wasn’t bleeding, so the next thing he did was call the cops immediately.

Since then, Smith has been at that curve several times, and made sure that there wasn’t any wire again. He’s worried about the safety of his friends and family who ride too, and may pass through something like that!



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