Mysterious pygmy ‘from lost tribe’ is caught on video by biker’s helmet cam

A tiny, strange human is seen scuttling away into the undergrowth – sparking rumours that it might be a member of a ‘lost tribe’, unseen for centuries.

Others think that the ‘pygmy’ might be a member of a previously unseen species of human.

The tiny figure was spotted near Banda Aceh, on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra – in a YouTube video which has now been seen three million times.
Local legends tell of a lost tribe of pygmies – with smaller bodies than normal humans – who are supposed to inhabit the forest.

The motorcyclists who spotted the figure believe that he might be a member of the Mante tribe – after he ran away and disappeared without trace.
One of the bikers, who is wearing a helmet cam, chases the mysterious figure, who appears to be carrying a large stick.
The figure rapidly disappeared into long grass, and then into the trees behind.
The YouTube video rapidly attracted one million views – and locals tied it in with urban legends of the Mante tribe, an ethnic group which is supposedly related to modern Aceh people.




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