Police Officer Kicks Motorcyclist Off His Bike During Stop! [VIDEO]

On one calm night, things instantly got so worse for this biker after he missed to stop at a stop sign.

This Texas Ranger proceeded to chase the biker.

He apparently even opened fire at the biker!

And then, the biker just raised his left hand as a sign of submission, as he slows down. The biker calmly brings his bike to a stop. He then proceeds to dismount the bike very slowly.

And this Texas Ranger probably thought this was exactly the right time to use grossly excessive force. The Ranger’s inner ninja comes to light in the darkness, and he goes to deliver a brutal flying kick to the biker.

Unsurprisingly, the biker falls along with his bike. The entire thing was caught in the dashcam of the ranger’s patrol car. We’re not sure if this Ranger was fired for this incident, but he certainly should be.

In the darkness of night, many of us tend to commit minor traffic infractions. Every motorist does. Many a times, neither us, nor anybody else even realizes that. It’s a part of being on the road. Of course, infractions should be ticketed, and the Police has every right to do that.

But, acting out like this for minor traffic infractions is absolutely insane. It’s officers like these, why many bikers tend to run away from the Police even when they haven’t really done a crime. This officer’s firing could have had very easily hurt the biker fatally and caused him to die! And that’s why people like him need to fired from the force straight away!



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