Road Rager Tries To Cut Off Veteran Biker Convoy… Then Gets A Taste Of Harley JUSTICE

If there’s one group of people you probably shouldn’t mess with, it’s bikers.

We have seen them take on bullies, denounce radical Islam, and even call for the rescue of an American marine imprisoned in Mexico.

Apparently, one man in a Jeep didn’t get the memo about bikers and their belief in justice, as he decided to take out his road rage on a group riding for veteran suicide awareness.

The bikers were riding in support of Project 22, an awareness ride to highlight the 22 veteran suicides that happen daily.

While most people would have the courtesy and respect to let the group pass, one man driving a Jeep didn’t have the patience and tried to start trouble with the bikers.

A rider’s camera caught the entire incident on video, which started as the bikers were stopped at a red light, awaiting their turn to go through the intersection.

A silver Jeep tried to pass them on the right by jumping the curb, which was unsafe in itself, let alone disrespectful to the riders … and their police escort.

Two of the bikers broke off to hold the Jeep up and let the others pass safely, but the Jeep driver keeps trying to get around. He to slow in order to try to maneuver around the bike in front of him.

At one point, he even appeared to swerve at one of the bikers, but thankfully, the two did not collide.

If the driver of the Jeep thought he would get away with his unsafe and disrespectful actions, he was wrong.

Moments after trying to illegally pass the bikers, a motorcycle cop who had been escorting the convoy rode up and pulled the driver over.

This driver arguably got what he deserved. The bikers were riding for an important reason, but even if the driver didn’t know their cause, his reckless driving and road rage had no excuse.




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