Rude woman gets instant Karma after trying to push motorcycle out of lane

It’s called a ‘zipper merge,’

but some drivers are just too stupid or too entitled to follow it correctly.

When two lanes become one, vehicles are expected to take turns as traffic merges like teeth on a zipper.

Inevitably, there’s always at least one driver who refuses to give way and tries to ‘double up’ the teeth in their lane.

This action isn’t just rude, it’s dangerous.

The woman driving a grey sedan couldn’t care less about the motorcycle beside her. When it’s his turn to merge she speeds up to block his path and tries to force him into oncoming traffic. He gestures at her to move, but she just smiles and laughs.

After crossing through the intersection, the motorcyclist flags down a police officer and tells him what happened. Fortunately the drive caught everything on video and the officer is more than happy to help. After asking the motorcyclist to follow him, the officer flips on his lights and pulls the woman over.

The motorcyclist posted the video to YouTube along and described the aftermath, “She got 2 tickets 1 for passing on right and 1 for unsafe lane change. Cop was a cool guy and after he was done with what he needed to do we all went on our way.”

Guess who’s laughing now?



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