Speeding Cars Cause Multi-Car Pile-Up In Russian Tunnel

Sure, weaving through slower cars while you are traveling at a much higher speed, can be seen as fun by some.

And the small dose of pleasure and adrenaline it generates cannot really begin to match the level of risk you are exposing yourself and other drivers when acting in such the manner.

Like the woman at the beginning of the Need for Speed games says: Always wear your seat belt, always obey the laws of the road!

However, this is exactly what the two drivers in the video below don’t do. The one behind the wheel of the BMW X5 (M?) was racing the driver of another fast German vehicle, an Audi estate of some sort (possibly an A6/S6 or A4/S4), through the rather crowded tunnel on the Leningrad highway in Russia.

At one point, both drivers decide to use the same lane, and at the same time, while traveling at speed.

They clash with one another, ricochet into other surrounding cars causing the huge mess – one car even flips over, while the others are seriously bent. We don’t if and how many people were injured from their reckless behavior.

Check out this video.

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