Video: Biker Girl Gets Mowed Down By Car When She Didn’t Look Over!

There are a lot of idiots on the road who don’t look where their car is going. Some of them are busy on the phone, some in the stereo, and some are just too lost in their dreams to pay any attention to the road.

And in a time like this, it’s only vital for a rider to look before they do anything on the road. The car drivers get away with a damaged car.

We, sadly, have much more damage than just to our vehicle.

This chic biker took a left turn without looking on a small undivided road. To make things worse for herself, she made such a wide turn that she ended up right in the middle of the lane.

This rider who is riding behind her saw a car coming her way, and tried to signal to the car to stop.

Now, we’re not sure how fast the car was going, but to me it seems that it was going faster than it needed to.

The car rammed straight into this chic biker. Fortunately, she wasn’t completely run over and could walk after the incident. However, she must’ve been really badly injured.

So, this video is a strong testimony of caution, especially for the newer rides out there, ALWAYS look before you make a turn. It can save your life!



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