VIRAL: Driver Using Phone Almost Kills Biker After Getting Caught on Helmet Cam

Like many of the videos we’ve shared at Dirty Biker Society, this one too comes out of a motorcyclist’s dashcam.

Had it not been for these tiny devices, we’d never get to see all the shit different riders have to go through on the street!

This video was shot by Erik Hanna in Ottawa.

The incident happened between Woodroffe Avenue and Baseline Road when Erik was riding his Yamaha R3 bike.

Erik first noticed the woman being troubling inattentive when she fails to move on after the light turns green at the signal he was stopped at, behind her. T

he woman was driving a Toyota FJ Cruiser. The car had Newfoundland plates.

She was apparently more interested in her phone than in the road.

The careless woman repeated the inattentiveness at the next signal as well.

This was when Erik decided to start recording with the Helmet Cam he was wearing. He then rides up to her side and knocks on the window. But the traffic light wasn’t the only thing the woman ignored for her phone.

Erik’s window knocks fell on deaf ears. Or perhaps not, as she can be seen locking the door.

As the light turns green, Erik moves forward. Soon enough, the SUV catches up to Erik.

And then the woman cuts him from the wrong side at a very high speed, inches away from him, endangering his safety!



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