What To Do If Too Harshly Entery In The Corner?

Soon or later we all make mistakes. Sometimes simply relax too sharply entery in the corner.

But what will you do in that case? If you do not know what to do then you will not react in the right way. If you are not trained to react the right way, instinct will take care to react the wrong way.

In most cases when you are in such a situation, the driver simply does not use the full potential of the bike. Almost always the key to exit unscathed from this situation is primarily not to panic, and then further tilt the bike. In no case do not press the brake pedal.

The motorcycle can be tilted much more than you think

When driving on the road filled with curves, constantly reminded of one thing: If you go too fast in a curve, tilted the bike as much as possible. I hope this will trained my brain if ever find myself in such a situation would react the right way rather than panic.

This accident occurred in California shows driver who made a wrong decision. He got into the bend faster than he expected, correct motorcycle and tried to stall. You can see him standing upright. Fortunately the driver was described as largely undamaged. Drivers who were before him and behind him went right into the corner, and he was not moving much faster than them. This means that he could no problem to pass the bend.

What is the lesson in all this? Be prepared for the next time you estimate a bad turn. Train your brain to react in the right way. Instead panic, tilt the motorcycle more.



  1. Ok, not much of an article. Not a primary english language person. Real hard to follow the article.

    Good info. Don’t panic. Yes, very good. Lean further. Yup.

    Thanks but not up to the usual nice articles here…


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