Yamaha R6 Randomly Challenges Harley For a Race, Regrets Immediately [Video]

We love our Harleys! And we’re sure the Yamaha R6 owners love their bikes just as much!

But, there are many of you out there trying to compare the two completely different motorcycles with each other.

The Harleys are great for cruising and enjoying the light breeze in your hair. While, the Yamaha R6s and R1s of the world are good for corner-cutting and smoking some rubber. Or are they, really? We find out in this video.

This is one of those videos where a sportsbiker tries to dare a Harley guy. Probably, he was hoping he’ll smoke some rubber up our Harley guy’s face. But, if you’ve been a regular at our blog, you’d know better. Perhaps this guy too should have had been.

This footage is from some traffic light. Probably shot with the dashcam and rearcam of some car waiting on the red light. From the rearcam footage of this guy, we see how the guy on R6 came zipping through the cars in a fairly aggressive manner. Meanwhile, the guy on the Harley is waiting in peace for the light to turn green.

However, before that could happen, the guy in the Yamaha comes up to him. He stands a little ahead, crossing the stop line. He seems to gesture the guy in the Harley in a typical traffic light duel. As the light turns green, someone zips ahead. Far ahead.

And that’d be our guy in the Harley. It’s hard to ascertain which Harley model it exactly was. In our defense, it did turn into a distant dot, pretty soon. We’re guessing it was either a Harley-Davidson Street Glide or a Harley-Davidson Softail.

Maybe, the guy on R6 has learned his lesson. You never mess with a Harley guy!



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