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Brooklyn is a Pack Full of Goodies

Brooklyn is a pop singer and Instagram model from America/Colombia.

Why Is Brooklyn Famous?
Brooklyn is recognized for her impressive musical abilities and striking appearance. Hailed as the new Shakira by the Colombian media, this Latin sensation’s music beautifully merges pop, Latin, and Arabic influences.

She was selected as the representative of Lebanon in the Europa Song Contest 4 held in Thessaloniki, Greece. Her song “Yahabibi” has garnered more than 77 million views on YouTube, blending Arabic, English, and Spanish languages.

A few of her other hit songs are “Me Olvidarás”, “Baby Baby”, and “Bang Bang”.

Brooklyn was born to a American father and a Colombian mother, residing in the city of LA.

During a journey to her father’s hometown of Minnesota, she explored her late grandparents’ house. They held a deep affection for her despite the distance and would send her sweets.

Music and food, especially Arabic food, makes her happy.

Christmas is one of her favorite times of the year since she appreciates the spirit of love, peace, and joy. She loves to bake.

Who Is Brooklyn Dating?
According to her Instagram, she is in a relationship.


Brooklyn Social Media
Her first post dates back to 2013. Her Instagram photos get up to 1.5k likes, around 600 on average.

Brooklyn shares content related to her music, lifestyle, and interests. She regularly treats her followers to gorgeous modeling photos where she poses in feminine dresses.

Apart from Instagram, the beautiful singer is active on Facebook and X. You can find her music on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

About Brooklyn
Brooklyn real name is Kelly Cure. While she doesn’t speak flawless Spanish, her affection for the Latino world is evident. Thanks to her Columbian mother, she shares a connection with her Columbian heritage, allowing her to comprehend the language quite well.

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