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Amira Has Arrived Right on Time

Amirah Dyme, nicknamed Cake Queen, is a curvy model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur with millions of fans on social media. Here is a look at her profile.

Why Is Amirah Dyme Famous?
Amirah is famous for her gorgeous photos on Instagram, which show off her curvy figure and bubbly personality. She is also popular for working with famous brands such as Fashion Nova, NA-KD, and Blanco Bay among others.

Her dad is called Kosar Dyme, while her mom is called Elsa Dyme. Sources claim that she has seven siblings.

Her hobbies include traveling and modeling.

Who Is Amirah Dyme Dating?
According to reports, she is in a relationship with a mystery man. She has shared photos of them together on her social media accounts.

Amirah Dyme Dating History
Amirah was romantically involved with the infamous Nigerian multi-millionaire, Ray Hushuppi. The two got arrested in Dubai over fraud, and later, she parted ways with the flamboyant man and started dating someone else.


Amirah Dyme Social Media
On Instagram, she loves posting content that shows off her gorgeous and curvy form. She gets an average of about 120k likes per post on average.

She also runs a YouTube channel on which she posts vlogging content. Amirah began posting on the platform in 2020.

About Amirah Dyme
Since a young age, Amirah was interested in modeling. While in high school, she started taking part in modeling competitions.


After high school, she focused on her modeling career, turning herself into a famous model and social media influencer.

Due to her figure, she had no problems finding consistent work as a model.

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