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Niykee is Just… WoW

There is not much relaxation in the life of beautiful musician Niykee Heaton following the birth of her second son.

Even though she barely has time to step outside to enjoy the sunshine, she puts effort into pleasing her followers with a few sultry pics now and then.

The Chicago-born beauty looked amazing in a bright orange low-cut swimsuit in a series of photos she posted a while back.

The swimwear showed off her voluptuous bust and deep cleavage, which made her fans lyrical.

Her musical skills and daring modeling photos have helped her win a huge following on social media.

She keeps her 4 million followers on Instagram hooked by showing off her ample curves.

The talented singer-songwriter is best known for her hit song Bad Intentions featuring Migos in 2016.

The song went into the top 10 songs on the US iTunes store, and the music video has reached over 129M views on Youtube.

Her acoustic guitar covers of famous hip-hop songs have also given her recognition worldwide.

Niykee’s mother has roots in South Africa, and the singer feels strongly connected to that part of the world.

Her musical talents showed from an early age since she wrote her first song at five and learned to play the guitar at nine.

Her family could not afford to send her to music schools, however, she managed to teach herself and reached success when she began sharing her talent on Youtube.

Since music, particularly Diana Ross’s albums, helped her through tough times while growing up, she now wishes her music would provide inspiration and comfort for other people.

Niykee remains passionate about music.

However, her focus nowadays is on her husband, Jeff Logan, and the couple’s two young sons.

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