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Jaclyn Looks Like A Million Bucks

Jaclyn Swedberg is an actress known for roles in Muck (2015), Badass! (2010) and Snake & Mongoose (2013).

Date Of Birth
August 14, 1990

Birth Place
San Pedro, California, USA

Why Is Jaclyn Swedberg Famous?

The brunette bombshell continued modeling and went to appear in several movies.

Still, she is best known for her collaborations with numerous brands, as well as magazine covers.

Who Is Jaclyn Swedberg Dating?
Jaclyn is married.

Jaclyn Swedberg Dating History
She does not like to talk about her private life, but the beauty revealed that she got married in June 2021, and in February 2022, she welcomed a baby boy.

About Jaclyn Swedberg
Jaclyn Elaine Swedberg is a mysterious lady, but it is known that she grew up in Chino Hills and graduated high school in 2008.

She enrolled in Woodbury University in Burbank, wishing to become a reporter.

Jaclyn was shy, and modeling helped her gain confidence.

She has a sister, and Jaclyn shared a photo with their mom, calling them her best friends.

Jaclyn did not reveal much about her background, but she mentioned in an interview that her mother encouraged her.

Jaclyn is passionate about helping dogs in need.

She regularly works out, spends time with family and friends, and plays board games.

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