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Liza Looks Like A Million Bucks

Liza Kovalenko is a famous Russian model and internet sensation with a huge fan base. Her career has taken her to a lot of places, and here are some things you might not know about her.

Date Of Birth
9 February 1999

Birth Place

Why Is Liza Kovalenko Famous?
Liza is famous for posing for The Penthouse Mexico, a fashion magazine. During her appearance in the magazine, she commented on the Ukraine situation due to the Russian invasion.

Liza Kovalenko Social Media
On Instagram, she likes to post bold and enticing pictures while wearing bikinis and lingerie. Her posts get an average of about 48k likes each.

Liza is also on Twitter and Facebook. She is also on OnlyFans, where her content has over 19.6k likes.

About Liza Kovalenko
After she completed high school, Liza pursued higher studies and got a bachelor’s degree in arts. Her love of art is evident through the things she likes to post on social media.

Liza has been modeling since she was young. She took part in several school-level modeling events, and today, social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have been instrumental in making this dream come true.

She has so far been in magazines such as Maxim, Teen Vogue, Madison Girs, The Penthouse, and many others.

Liza has had the opportunity to work with many famous brands including Zara, Prada, Dior, One Swim, Boohoo, Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, Skims, Language, and many others.

She is currently signed to Woman’s Models among other agencies.

Liza loves spending time on the beach and traveling. She is also an animal lover.


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