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Enjoying Mother Nature With Bella

Bella Davis, born Gabriella Magnusson, is a popular model, actress, and social media star based in the United States. The social media influencer has had a fascinating career, and many fans can’t wait to hear how her journey started.

Date Of Birth
19 March

Birth Place
United States

Why Is Bella Davis Famous?
Bella is famous for the allegations made against her by Joel Kinnaman, a renowned actor. He uploaded a picture of her on her social media account in August 2021, saying he had filed a restraining order against her for extorting money from him.

Who Is Bella Davis Dating?
Bella is currently single. She was previously involved with Joel Kinnaman.

Bella Davis Dating History
She once dated Joel Kinnaman, but they broke up and got involved in a scandal. They had met in 2021 and only dated for about a month.

Bella Davis Social Media
On her Instagram account, she posts about all aspects of her life, including her modeling and social life.

Bella is also on Facebook, where she likes to post about places she has visited. She also likes to share quotes and selfies with her fans on popular social media platforms.

About Bella Davis
Bella pursued her studies at the university level. However, she was still interested in modeling and fashion since she was young, and as soon as she got the chance, she pursued her dream.

Today, she has collaborated with several brands and designers. She has so far managed to be in the New York Fashion Week.

Bella has worked as a brand ambassador for the Bon Echo Collective, a Swedish fashion company. The Instagram star has also worked with TSH Beauty, Black Pyramid, Gatigosucio, and others.

She is represented by the 3 D Model Agency, Koala Models Italy, and Tier 1 Model Management.

She makes money through modeling, entrepreneurship, and social media. Bella owns the financial service known as Lanistar.

The enterprising lady also promotes her makeup products, such as glow Optive. In 2019, she appeared in a song called Automatic by Day Korengay.

She has a brother, who Kinnaman accused of showing up at his office to take money from his manager at gunpoint.

Her hobbies include working out in the gym, modeling, spending time on the beach with her friends, taking Snapchat photos, and traveling. She is also an animal lover.


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