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Chloe Sets Internet On Fire

Chloe Turner is an Instagram model and influencer from Texas, United States. Her Instagram is chloerturner. Keep reading to find out more about this southern beauty.

Date Of Birth
28 August 1995

Birth Place
United States

Best Known For
Chloe is known for her beautiful and eye-catching bikini photos on Instagram. Her love for sports and outdoor activities and how she incorporates them in her modeling photos have made many people interested in her content.

Who Is Chloe Turner Dating?
She has not shared any information about her dating life.

Chloe Turner Instagram
Her first post dates back to 2013.

Her Instagram photos get up to 10k likes, around 3k on average.

Chloe shares content related to her lifestyle and interests. You can often see her posing in bikinis during her bass fishing tours. She is often modeling together with beautiful friends.

About Chloe Turner
Chloe is a gorgeous and active girl who loves fishing, hunting, and going on boat tours. She is very patriotic and proud of her country. She describes herself as a Follower of Jesus.

She has her fierce style inspired by country fashion and her interests. She is very fit, and you can often see her with a bright smile.

She had graduated from Texas A&M University.

Her family owns a ranch in East Texas where they can go hunting and spend a lot of quality time outdoors.


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