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Elisabeth Is True Treasure

Elisabeth is a model and influencer from Armenia. Her Instagram is misselisabeth Keep reading to learn more about this classy and fabulous lady.

Date Of Birth
7 December 1997

Birth Place
Armavir, Armenia

Best Known For
Elisabeth is known for her exquisite style and striking looks.

Her great sense of fashion, combined with her upbeat and inspiring personality, has won her many followers on social media. She endorsed various brands and locations in her posts.

She endorses brands and local stores like MODUS FASHION.

Elisabeth Boyfriends/Girlfriends
She has not shared any details about her dating life.

Elisabeth Instagram
Her first post dates back to 2013, and her Instagram photos get up to 6k likes, around 1k on average.

Elisabeth shares content related to her lifestyle and gorgeous and stylish modeling pictures. Her Instagram consists of an inspiring mix of professional and personal modeling photos.

About Elisabeth
Elisabeth is a slim and gorgeous girl with an attractive personality and positive vibes. She describes herself as a friendly and open person that can not stay a whole day alone at home.

She does not have a higher education, but it is nothing she misses. She enjoys the freedom of not having to take part in the corporate work-life. However, she loves making money as much as she loves spending it.

She lives a healthy and glamourous life and tries to surround herself with good people, healthy relationships, and nutritious food. She makes sure to get her beauty sleep.

She is currently stationed in Moscow, Russia.

She was born and lived most of her life in Armavir, Armenia.

She is very close to her 18 years younger brother Alexander who regularly shows up in her Instagram posts.

Interesting Facts
Her mood changes according to the weather. She loves warm temperatures and is not a fan of the long winters. However, she loves to go skiing.

A few of her favorite things are summer, airy dresses, and kisses.

She loves herself, and she enjoys standing in front of the camera.

She wished to travel and explore the world.

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