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Meet Colleen – Only Perfection

Colleen Cole is a beautiful model and influencer from the US. Here is all you need to know about the brunette showstopper.

Date Of Birth
March 1, 1994

Birth Place
Florida, USA

Colleen Cole Instagram
Colleen’s first post dates back to August 2017. One of her most popular Instagram posts was made in May 2021 and has accumulated over 56,000 likes.

She shares modeling photos without revealing much about herself. However, she is a big animal lover, and according to her Instagram stories, when she is not modeling, she works with animals in need.

About Colleen Cole
Colleen is signed with some of the most prominent fashion agencies, including ONE Management, Next Models Miami, and Wilhelmina Los Angeles.

She is based in Los Angeles but travels a lot due to the nature of her work.

Colleen is a dedicated vegan.

Interesting Facts
Colleen’s favorite color is blue. She loves Leonardo DiCaprio’s movies, traveling to Paris, and enjoys watching football.

Her favorite actress is Emma Watson.


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