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Olga Will Make Your Day

Olga Katysheva is an Instagram model and influencer from Russia. Her Instagram is olgachocolate. Keep reading to learn more about this lady.

Date Of Birth
20 March 1990

Birth Place
Yekaterinburg, Russia

Best Known For
Olga is well-known for her gorgeous slim thick body with a small waste and luscious curves. Thanks to her youthful looks and attractive modeling content, she has won a significant following on Instagram.

She has been contacted by and collaborated with the clothing brands Univermag Bolshoy, Reforma Fitness club, and ASIA st71.

Who Is Olga Katysheva Dating?
According to some sources, she is currently single.

Olga Katysheva Instagram
Her first post dates back to 2013, and her Instagram photos get up to 90k likes, around 50k on average.

Olga posts sultry bikini photos, selfies, and fashion content. She also shares her other passion apart from modeling, which is painting.

About Olga Katysheva
Olga studied at the Ural State Law University of Russia. However, she did not graduate since she rose to online fame and wanted to put her efforts into modeling.

She quickly grew her following on Instagram when she started uploading revealing fashion and bikini photos. Now she can live her best life as a model and a painter.

Apart from Instagram, you can find this Russian beauty on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

Her family comes from Ekaterinburg, located east of the Ural Mountains in Russia. There is nothing more known about them.

Interesting Facts
She loves art and enjoys painting.

She tried an acting career in her younger years, but now she is focused on modeling.

She is a fashion and travel enthusiast.

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