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Kick Back And Relax With Angelina

Angelina (Instagram is a model and influencer from Ibiza. Continue reading to discover more about this gorgeous lady.

Date Of Birth
31 May

Birth Place

Best Known For
Angelina is well-known for her curvy and tanned body and daring modeling content on Instagram.

She is very attractive to brands due to her vast and active following. She collaborates with and promotes fashion brands like Comme des Fuckdown and Shein.

She is also known for acting in her boyfriend, Sfera Ebbasta’s music video for his song Mamma Mia.

Who Is Angelina Lacour Dating?
Gionata Boschetti

Angelina Lacour Boyfriends/Girlfriends
Angelina’s boyfriend, Gionata Boschetti, better known by his pseudonym Sfera Ebbasta is an Italian rapper. The couple met in 2019 during a vacation in Ibiza.

Sfera was born on 7 December 1992, and apart from being a famous rapper in Italy with several successful albums, he has also been a judge on XFactor.

Angelina Lacour Instagram
Her first post dates back to 2016, and her Instagram photos get up to 700k likes, around 200k on average.

Angelina shares modeling photos in a variety of styles, including street fashion and fitness clothing. She has her unique look, and followers can also enjoy her more revealing bikini photos from the beach.

About Angelina Lacour
Angelina looks like a doll with her full lips and beautiful eyes. She is a confident and upbeat girl that loves to enjoy the little things in life.

She currently lives with her boyfriend and her dog named Freddy in Milan, Italy.

She will soon give birth to a baby boy.

Interesting Facts
Ariana loves wild animals like lions, pumas, tigers, and zebras, as well as pets.

Her favorite outfit is jeans, a cropped top, and sneakers.

She has a great sense of humor, and she captioned a photo posing with a mini bag “Finally a bag big enough to fit my patience.”


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