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Mila Is True Treasure

Mila Gimranova is an Instagram model and pole dancer from Kazakhstan. Her Instagram is mila_gimranova. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about this fierce lady.

Date Of Birth
26 April 1995

Birth Place

Best Known For
Mila is known for her daring bikini photos and pole dancing videos on Instagram. Her unique poses and artful modeling photos have won her many admirers.

Mila Gimranova Boyfriends/Girlfriends
Mila is very happy together with her husband. On Valentine’s day, she shared a series of cute pictures with her man and wrote that the most important thing is what you feel for each other every day.

Mila Gimranova Instagram
Her first post dates back to 2013, and her Instagram photos get up to 7k likes, around 3k on average.

Mila shares daring bikini photos and pole dance videos, as well as cute pictures with her family and lifestyle content. Her style is unique, and her content is always exciting and varying.

About Mila Gimranova
Mila is a gorgeous and smart girl with an upbeat and attractive personality. She describes herself as a strong and free spirit.

She is from Khazakstan but is currently living in Moscow, Russia.

In June 2021, she gave birth to a baby boy named Adam.

Interesting Facts
Her favorite series is Money Heist.

She loves animals and has a white labrador retriever as a pet.

Her favorite ways to exercise and energize are pole dancing classes, stretching, and breathing practices.


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