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You Gotta Love Catherine

Catherine Paiz, or Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz in full, is an actress, model, YouTuber, and social media influencer. Here are some exciting things you might not know about the exciting Instagram model.

Date Of Birth
24 August 1990

Best Known For
Catherine got famous for posting photos of her gorgeous body beside her husband, Austin.

There are also rumors that she has had a nose job, but she has never said anything about it.

Who Is Catherine Paiz Dating?
Catherine is married to Austin, a basketball player she met at a dinner table. He fell for Paiz immediately, but she did not instantly feel the same about him.

Catherine Paiz Boyfriends/Girlfriends
Catherine’s husband is Austin McBroom. She dated him before they eventually got married. They got engaged a year after their daughter Elle was born, with their second daughter being born in October 2018.

Catherine Paiz Instagram
Catherine posts all kinds of content on her Instagram account, including her husband and kids. She gets an average of about 57k likes on her posts.

About Catherine Paiz
Catherine was raised in Montreal, Canada. While in school, she played soccer, hockey, and volleyball.

After completing her high school studies, she went to St. Louis University.

As a teenager, she worked at an ice cream parlor. At one time, she also worked at a hedge fund.

However, she started to model when she was 16 years old.

She started as a model in 2013 in Azzelia Swimwear. Later on, she got more modeling gigs that eventually turned her into a top model in the industry.

Catherine has worked with top brands such as Victoria’s Secret.

Catherine is married to Austin. Together, they have two small daughters and a son. Her mother, a banker, is known as Dolores Catherine, while her father, a grocery store owner, is known as Johnston Paiz. She has two younger brothers and a smaller sister.


Interesting Facts
Catherine runs the YouTube channel ACE Family with her husband, Austin. The channel has almost 20 million subscribers, and it often features their kids.

The channel’s name is derived from the couple’s initials as well as the first letter of their daughter’s name. They discuss matters involving their family on the platform.


On top of modeling, she has also tried acting. Some of the films she has appeared in include Monday Nights at Seven, You Can’t Have It, and Lilin’s Brood.

She suffered her first anxiety attack when she was 30 years old, and it was because of something she experienced when she was four years old.

Despite having three kids, she has managed to maintain her figure through workouts.

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