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Take A Real Good Look At Veronika

Slovakian model, Veronika Rajek, became famous worldwide after saying that many accuse her of “catfishing” as she is “so beautiful.” Here is all you need to know about the Bratislava-born beauty and former Miss Slovakia contestant.

Date Of Birth
February 20, 1996

Birth Place
Bratislava, Slovakia

Best Known For
In 2021, Veronika Rajek went viral for essentially saying she was too pretty. She explained that some “think I’m an AI robot or a catfish online. People say beautiful people have it easy, but I have it worse as people make it harder for me because I’m beautiful.”

She then posted a doctor’s notice that her 36D breasts are natural.

Veronika worked for numerous brands, including Dolce and Gabanna, Moschino, Philip Plein, and Blumarine, and was in a few pageants, including Miss Slovakia.

Who Is Veronika Rajek Dating?
Veronika is married to Viktor Rájek. He is a Slovak bobsledder, born in 1985. The two dated for three years before tying the knot in 2019.

Veronika Rajek Boyfriends/Girlfriends
Viktor Rájek

Veronika Rajek Instagram
Veronika started using Instagram in 2015, sharing gorgeous modeling photos and glimpses into her fancy lifestyle.

About Veronika Rajek
Veronika’s maidan name is Veronika Maťašová.

She started modeling at 14. However, she only fully committed to the career after graduating from college.

Veronika’s younger sister, Viktoria, is 17.

The family is supportive and proud of Veronika’s successes. Her father is a businessman, while her mom is likely a housewife.

Interesting Facts
Veronika looks after herself and doesn’t party or drink. She sticks to a strict gym regime, which includes five workouts a week. She started working out during her teen years and thinks that’s the main reason her body, including her breasts, are so shapely, and people found them to be too good to be true.

In 2022, Veronika collaborated on a collection of sports pieces.

Some reports suggest that Veronika is worth 3 to 4 million dollars, but there is no proof that the beautiful model has already made that much.


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