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Meet Katie The New IG Sensation

She might be popular as a brand ambassador for Ignite Cannabis Company, owned by Dan Bilzerian. Still, Katie Bell has made quite a reputation for herself as an Instagram star with her beautiful pictures.

Date Of Birth
30 March 1995

Birth Place
Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Best Known For
Katie Bell is famous for her association with Dan Bilzerian. She was one of his girls, and she is often photographed with him.

She managed to get 50k followers in just 15 days after joining Instagram.

Who Is Katie Bell Dating?
Katie got involved with Dan Bilzerian in 2018, becoming one of his famous girlfriends. The other two are Sofia Bevarly and Jessa Hinton.

Katie Bell Boyfriends/Girlfriends
Katie’s boyfriend is Dan Bilzerian, an American internet personality and businessman.

Katie Bell Instagram
Katie Bell first posted on Instagram in 2016, when she shared a short clip of herself. Her posts get about 30k likes on average, but her most popular posts get over 110k likes.

About Katie Bell
Katie Bell attended the same school her mother taught. She did not enroll in college but instead pursued a modeling career through the internet.

Her friend Paula was the inspiration behind her decision to become an Instagram model. The popularity of her Instagram account won her over.

She did not think she would be as popular as she is today through her online modeling. Fortunately, luck was on her side because a modeling scout spotted her as she was heading home from school in 2011 and helped launch her modeling career.

Currently, Katie Bell is based in Los Angeles, California, where she moved in September 2018.

She is now working with Dan Bilzerian’s company, Ignite Cannabis Co. She is their brand ambassador.

She also works with brands like Fashion Nova and Kowatches.

Katie Bell has two brothers and a sister. Her mother is a high school psychology teacher, while her father is a banker.

Interesting Facts
Katie Bell is also quite active on Twitter, where she has over 150k followers.

Katie has made it clear that she loves spending time with successful people. She does not like being around people who give off negative vibes.

Her favorite actor is Aaron Paul, while her favorite actress is Christina Hendricks.

Katie’s hobbies include flying, attending fitness centers, and staying in luxurious hotels. She is also a foodie, and her favorite food is pizza.

Katie is also an animal lover and a fitness freak.

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