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Meet Katelyn The New IG Sensation

Katelyn Lordahl is an American model and a famous Tik Toker. Her Instagram is: ktlordahl.

Date Of Birth
June 10, 2002

Birth Place
United States

Best Known For
She’s best known for her Tik Tok videos. Moreover, Katelyn’s career as a model and influencer started and took off on Tik Tok. The dancing videos and comedy videos she posted there brought her loads of followers. She also performs lip-sync videos which her followers adore.

Katelyn’s videos really made an impression, and this talented girl now has 171k followers on Tik Tok.

Who Is Katelyn Dating?
Katelyn is currently dating Jack Casey.

Katelyn Lordahl Boyfriends/Girlfriends
There is not much info about Katelyn’s past relationships. When it comes to her personal life, she seems like a very private lady.

Katelyn Lordahl Instagram
Katelyn is one of those girls who own what they have. She is a confident lady who likes posting pictures of herself, and often there are bikini pictures from her photo sessions or marketing campaigns for the brands she works with.

Her modeling content on Instagram has earned her over 300,000 followers, and this number grows day by day.

About Katelyn Lordahl
Although Katelyn is a young soul in her early twenties, she is creative and determined to fulfill every dream she had as a young little girl. Her self-motivation helped her achieve everything she has in her life, and she doesn’t intend to stop here.

Utterly beautiful inside and out, Katelyn looks like a doll with a million-dollar body.

She says that she gives her best to think positive no matter what. No matter what other people think or say about her, she will always try to concentrate on giving love and spreading positivity.

Her Instagram and Tik Tok followers may think that Katelyn offers her life to them on a silver platter. But in reality, that’s not true. She’s a very private person who keeps her family away from work projects.

Interesting Facts
Katelyn is a beach lover to the bone! She loves sand, blue sky, and sea breeze. Also, what would a beach lover be without swimming?

She’s a regular at the gym and hates cigarettes. But she wouldn’t say no to a glass of wine or martini.


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