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Meet Nastia The New IG Sensation

Nastia Kamenskykh, who also goes by the initials NK, is a famous performer, actress, social media star, model, and beauty queen with a lot to offer her millions of fans throughout the world. Here are a couple of things you probably didn’t know about this famous celebrity and Instagram star.

Why Is Nastia Kamenskykh Famous?
She is famous as the first Ukrainian singer to appear in the Annual Latin American Grammy Awards as well as famous Latin American television shows such as Acceso Total and Buenas Dias la Familia among others.

Nastia is also famous for getting an honorary role as a judge on The X Factor back in 2010. She also got an honorary friend of the UEFA Women’s Champion League in 2018.

In Ukraine, she is also incredibly famous as a sex symbol, a standard of success, and a coach guiding others to achieve the sort of success she has attained in life.

Date Of Birth
4 May 1987

Birth Place
Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Her father is known as Alexey Zhmur and her mom is known as Lidia Kamenskih.

She loves traveling, blogging, dancing, and taking part in charity work.

Who Is Nastia Kamenskykh Dating?
She has been married to Aleksey Potapenko since 2019.

Nastia Kamenskykh Dating History
She was previously romantically involved with Vladimir Dyatlov, and they were in a car accident with him when she was 19 years old. They were in the car with her boyfriend’s parents and two younger sisters, and his father perished after the incident on his way to the hospital, with his younger sister dying 9 days later.

However, Nastia had to spend 3 months in hospital after injuring her left leg and suffering a serious concussion. To this day, she still has to deal with migraines.

Nastia Kamenskykh Social Media
She also has a video blog on YouTube where she seeks to inspire young people. The channel turned out to be a huge success. Nastia offers advice on nutrition, sports, and secrets to stardom.

About Nastia Kamenskykh
Since she was a child, Nastia devoted herself to developing her musical talent. She also played the piano and danced, understanding that putting maximum effort into her work would ensure future success.

When she was 5 years old, she was part of an educational program for family exchanges, which allowed her to live in France for a while. She also lived in Italy when she was six.

She went on to have a successful debut in 2004 that included winning a Grand Prix and several other kinds of awards during the “Black Sea Games.”

She has so far released 8 albums, 34 videos and appeared in more than 50 magazine covers.

She studied at Pechersk School International in Kyiv and enrolled in a music school from which she graduated when she was 15. Nastia then started taking part in ballet classes.

Nastia is also active in charity work, and she works with Giznelub, a Ukrainian organization that supports and cares for senior citizens by offering them winter clothes and building food spots for them. She also takes part in campaigns about AIDS, where she likes to increase public awareness about the virus.

Today, Nastia is famous for her confidence and her glamorous and inspiring life. She also owns a sportswear brand named NKsport, which has produced about a dozen collections since its launch in 2017.


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