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Let’s Waste Some Time With Shelby

Shelby Tribble is a model, influencer, and social media personality from England. Her Instagram is shelbytribble.

Why Is Shelby Tribble Famous?
Shelby Tribble made her television debut on the BAFTA award-winning reality series, The Only Way is Essex.

You can catch her on MTV’s popular show Celebrity Bumps: Famous & Pregnant. Shelby invites viewers to join her on her parenting journey, from pregnancy to childbirth and beyond.

In addition to being a mother to baby Abel, Shelby is a social influencer and a trusted source for all things related to fashion and beauty. She even has her own line of lashes available at Primark stores across the UK and Europe.

Shelby has worked as an ambassador for prominent fashion brands like Pretty Little Thing, Oh Polly, and JD Sports. These days, you can find her attending celebrity events, supporting charitable causes, and gracing the pages of various magazines.

Date Of Birth
6 December 1992

Birth Place
Plymouth, England

Plastic Surgeries
Shelby has undergone a breast augmentation, Botox treatments, and two painful lip filler procedures, all in an attempt to feel more content with her appearance.

However, her perspective has evolved, and she has made significant changes. She chose to keep her breast implants but has opted to permanently stop using lip filler and has decided against further Botox treatments.

She hails from Essex, England, where she was born and raised.

She has a deep love for fashion and beauty, but her greatest passion these days is spending quality time with her family as you can see in her Instagram photos.

Shelby Tribble Dating History
Shelby Tribble and her fiancé Sam Mucklow have allegedly broken up. The TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) stars have decided to end their relationship, nearly three years after the birth of their son Abel.

Despite their split, they are determined to maintain a sense of normalcy for their young son. Their relationship began in 2018.

Fans might not be surprised by this news, as the most recent photo Shelby shared of herself and Sam was from their family vacation back in June. Shelby has also been dropping hints about relationship issues on her social media accounts.

Shelby Tribble Social Media
She first began posting on Instagram in 2012. Her photos get up to 100k likes, around 35k on average.

Shelby started sharing photos on her Instagram account in December 2012. Over time, she began posting different types of lifestyle content and even participated in beauty pageants, where she became well-known and achieved success.

The brunette beauty shares stunning modeling pictures as well as moments spent with her family and friends.

About Shelby Tribble
Before turning 15, Shelby joined Plymouth Diving and pursued her interest in the sport for two years.

At the age of fourteen, Shelby was unexpectedly discovered by a beauty pageant scout. Despite having low self-esteem due to years of bullying at school, she ended up winning second place.

This win boosted her confidence and inspired her to keep going. Eventually, she achieved the prestigious title of Miss Great Britain in 2014/15.

With her newfound confidence, Shelby ventured into modeling and worked all over the world in her new career. She also became a Monster Energy grid girl, allowing her to meet racing sports stars like Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi, as well as celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and David Beckham.

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