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Tina Will Cheer You Up Immediately

Tina Karol, born Tetiana Hryhorivna Liberman, is a singer, television presenter, actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and social media influencer with an exciting social media presence. Below are a couple of things you should know about this charming celebrity.

Why Is Tina Karol Famous?
Tina is famous as a singer, especially after she got the title of “People’s Artist of Ukraine” back in 2017 among other titles such as “Merited Artist of Ukraine.”

She is also popular for setting the record by giving 77 concerts during her “Intonations” tour in Ukraine.

Date Of Birth
25 January 1985

Birth Place
Orotukan, Russian SFSR, USSR

Her father, Hryhoriy Liberman, was Ukrainian Jewish while her mother was Ukrainian.

She loves traveling, taking part in charitable causes, and singing.

Who Is Tina Karol Dating?
She was married to Eugene Ogir from 2008 until his passing in 2013 after a battle with stomach cancer. He was her producer. She had one child with him, Veniamin Ohir.

Tina Karol Dating History
She dated her producer Ogir before they got married and her a son together.

Tina Karol Social Media
On Instagram, where she has about 2 million followers, Tina posts about her life as a celebrity and social media influencer. She promotes social causes, and her music, and inspires her fans with her posts.

About Tina Karol
In school, Tina admits to having been discriminated against due to her Jewish last name. Eventually, she started using a less Jewish stage name after music producers suggested she do so. She later revealed that she no longer identifies with any particular religion although she still believes in God.

As a teenager, she was part of a dancing ensemble at the Kyiv branch of the Jewish Agency.

After completing her high school studies, she went to R. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music National Aviation University. She got a scholarship from the Ukrainian parliament.

In 2006, she represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest, and her song, “Show Me Your Love” finished in seventh place. She went on to win over 25 prizes at different international singing competitions and festivals.

In 2013, she was “The most popular Woman in Ukraine” based on Google and Yandex ratings.

She has been active as a singer since 2003, and her specialties are pop, soul, and dance-pop. So far, she has recorded nine studio albums, six live albums, three mini albums, and three hits collections.

At the moment, her record label is House of Culture, but in the past, she has worked with Bentley Records, Astra Records, and Lavina.

Besides singing, she has also served as a judge at Vidbir, which selects Eurovision Song Contest participants in the country. Furthermore, she also served as a mentor on “The Voice of Ukraine” from 2015 to 2021. She was also a star coach on “The Voice. Kids” in 2012, 2015 and 2016.

In addition to being a singer and a social media influencer, Tina is also a philanthropist. She founded “The Tina Karol Charitable Foundation” as a way to give back to society. The organization seeks to help children’s oncology departments in city and regional hospitals within Ukrainian cities.

Karol also works with the United Nations Populations Fund on different programs and has taken part in two peacekeeping missions in Iraq and Kosovo.

Tina has been the face of many brands, including Ukraine International Airlines. She has also been in famous magazines such as Marie Claire and Vogue.

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