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Meet Anais – Only Perfection

Anais Zanotti is a model, social media influencer, Instagram star, skydiving coach, and stuntwoman who is making waves on the web due to her amazing physique. Here are a couple of things you probably didn’t know about her.

Why Is Anais Zanotti Famous?
Anais is famous for her skydiving stunts and her work in commercials and promotions. She has jumped more than 1,400 times from a plane.

During her time at MMA Cage TV, she got to interview several famous MMA figures such as Ricardo Liborio. This gave her an additional popularity boost.

Date Of Birth
8 January 1986

Birth Place
Saint-Claude, France

Anais was born and raised in Saint-Tropez, France. Her father is from Italy, while her mom is a French native.

She loves traveling, staying in shape, and spending time at the beach.

Anais Zanotti Social Media
On Instagram, Anais posts about weight loss, modeling, fitness, and nutrition. She uses her page to promote her services as a personal trainer while also showing off her gorgeous physique to her fans.

She is also active on Facebook, where she teaches her clients to lose weight and keep it off using a plant-based diet.

About Anais Zanotti
As she was growing up, Anais learned the Vietnamese martial art, Viet Vo Dao. The skills helped her grow confident and develop a strong character since it focuses on both the body and the mind.

Her modeling journey began when she was 15 years old. A photographer approached her while she was on a beach with her mom. This made her realize her potential as a model, although she did not know much about the industry at the time.

Initially, Anais moved to Miami, Florida to pursue a modeling and acting career. She had gone to the United States by herself, and she did not understand English very well at the time.

She was 20 when she relocated to the United States to increase her chances of succeeding as a model. While in the US, she worked as a model while also getting trained as an actress.

Over time, she also found out she had a passion for skydiving.

She believes we should strive for progress and not perfection. Anais loves to inspire people and see her clients achieve their goals.

In addition to being a certified skydiver with over 1,450 jumps, she has also been in more than 40 magazine covers as a fitness model. Anais is also a certified personal trainer.

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