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Take A Real Good Look At Massy

Why Is Massy Arias Famous?
Massy is famous for her career as a personal trainer, and she has been described as a massive influence on a new generation of fitness trainers.

Date Of Birth
23 November 1988

Birth Place
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Massy has three older brothers, one of whom is called George, The identity of her parents is not known, but they separated soon after she was born.

Her mom is a nurse, and her dad owns a repair shop. After her mom remarried, she decided to stay close to her dad.

She loves swimming, working out, watching movies, and traveling.

Massy Arias Dating History
She dated Stefan Williams for a while. Massy was married to Stefan but is now separated and raising her daughter Indira Sarai as a single parent.

Massy was depressed after a relationship with a previous boyfriend before she met Stefan was abusive towards her, which broke her down mentally. She and Stefan got married in 2016, and they got their daughter a year later in 2017.

Massy Arias Social Media
On her Instagram page, she posts about her workouts, her training sessions, her modeling, her life as a mom, and her glamorous life as a famous social media influencer. Some of her posts get more than 100k likes.

Massy is also active on YouTube, where she has more than 125k subscribers. She posts content related to fitness on her channel.

The social media influencer and fitness trainer is also active on Facebook and X.

About Massy Arias
Massy was just 14 years old when she started living in New York, United States. She had to overcome poverty, hunger, insecurities and depression early in life before she eventually became a successful influencer and model.

At the moment, she lives in Los Angeles, California.

Once she was done with her high school studies, she attended nursing school. She was at the State University of New York, Queens College.

Her goal is to inspire people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. She is very passionate about working out, and she regularly shares posts of herself in the gym with her fans on Instagram, which has made her a huge inspiration to millions of people around the globe.

As a fitness trainer, she uses resistance training, yoga, calisthenics, high-intensity interval training, and sprinting. She loves to switch things up to keep her workouts exciting, which is an idea she encourages her followers to embrace in order to enjoy fitness as a lifestyle.

Her belief is that people should lead healthy lives rather than trying to find a quick fix that does not play out in the long term.

As a model, she has been on several magazine covers. She has been on the covers of magazines such as Oxygen, Parents, Women’s Health, Strong, and many others.

Massy has also been in famous publications such as Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, and many others.

The enterprising model is also the CEO and owner of Tru Supplements, an outfit that deals in vegan-friendly, natural, and non-GMO health products.

The gorgeous fitness star makes money through personal training sessions, advertisements, and business.

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