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Take A Real Good Look At Lais

Lais DeLeon Hightower is a fitness model and social media influencer with many adoring fans around the world. Below are some things you should know about this gorgeous Instagram star.

Why Is Lais DeLeon Hightower Famous?
Lais became famous after he began posting pictures and videos of herself working out on social media. Many people tracked her progress, making her content go viral.

At the moment, about a million people are following her on Instagram.

Date Of Birth
13 September 1987

Birth Place
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Her father worked at a local factory, while her mom was a housewife. She was an only child.

Lais has claimed that her family has been her major influence in her journey to becoming a fitness model. According to her, they always pushed her to succeed, irrespective of what she was trying to achieve.

Lais loves working out and traveling. She is also a fan of outdoor sports such as hiking, cycling, and camping.

She has also claimed that summer is her favorite season and that swimming in the ocean and spending time on the beach is a beloved pastime for her.

The Instagram star is also a movie fan, and she enjoys films such as Dear John and series like Game of Thrones.

Who Is Lais DeLeon Hightower Dating?
Lais is married to Dr. Beau Hightower. They tied the knot in a ceremony attended by their closest friends in August 2019.

They have two pets. She has posted pictures of them together, especially after being accused by a fan that they were keeping their relationship hidden.

Lais DeLeon Hightower Dating History
She started dating Dr. Beau Hightower in 2014. They had met in a gym.

Lais DeLeon Hightower Social Media
She has been posting videos and pictures on Instagram since 2013. By 2016, her content had become so popular that she became one of the leading fitness models of her generation.

Lais is also active on YouTube, where her content has had over 20 million views. She likes to post videos in which she gives her followers advice about health and fitness.

About Lais DeLeon Hightower
When she was in school, Lais was interested in acting, singing, and sports. She was among the top students when in school, but still chose not to pursue a college education and instead focused on a career as a fitness model.

Lais started her fitness routines when she was 19 years old. She has since distinguished herself as a fit and healthy influencer who seeks to inspire other people to pursue their health and fitness goals.

She was inspired to make a career out of fitness after seeing how much her body changed as soon as she started working out. Today, she works out about 5 days a week.

Due to her gorgeous looks, she was soon approached by an agency seeking to help her get into modeling. This only fueled her desire to stay fit and attain her dream body.


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