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Courtney Will Leave You Jaw Dropped

Courtney Ruth Miller is a model, actress, writer, director, social media influencer, and comedian with a strong presence on various web platforms. Here are a couple of things you probably didn’t know about this gorgeous and multi-talented Instagram star.

The social media personality goes by many nicknames, including Neno, Cokie, Court Bourt, Comil, FireCrotchney, Buttney, and many others.


Why Is Courtney Miller Famous?
Courtney became famous after she started sharing content on Vine. She posted there until 2016 when the platform was shut down in 2016. She then got a chance to work with Olivia Sui on a series together. The show was called WHoa! Nature Show.

She is also incredibly famous as a Smosh writer, where she has earned recognition for her shows The Big What If (2016) and Winter Games (2017).

Date Of Birth
June 19, 1995

Birth Place
Oak Park, California, United States

Her mother is called Corey Miller, while her dad is Kenn Miller. They are currently divorced. She has three big sisters called Kami Miller, Kathryn Miller, and Kari Miller. She also has an older brother called K.C. Miller. She has two little brothers, Clarke and Conrad Miller.

She loves traveling, posting social media content, and watching movies and shows. She is also an animal lover and she owns a dog named Jango.

Courtney Miller Dating History
She had a boyfriend called Wahlid Mohammed. He was also on Vine and used to appear in her Instagram and Snapchat posts. They broke up in 2018.

Courtney also reportedly dated Shayne Topp, a fellow YouTuber. They had worked in Smosh productions together.

Courtney Miller Social Media
Courtney is also very active on YouTube, where she has dozens of videos and over 370k subscribers. On the channel, she does vlogs and posts hilarious videos. Her content has had over 10 million views in total, and she has been posting content since 2015. Otherwise, she is also active on TikTok, Facebook, and X.

About Courtney Miller
Courtney started to write, edit, and shoot when she was just 10 years old. However, she would find fame in this line of work several years later.

While in high school, she loved sports and took part in track and pole vault. In 2022, she launched Courtney’s Rack, which is an online store featuring the sort of fashion style she loves.

She confessed to having dropped out of college to take up a job in a pharmacy. She also quit her job and decided to pursue a career in entertainment.

In addition to being an influencer, she is also a gifted FX makeup artist, and she has worked on Logan Paul and Soulja Boy on their videos.

After a long time of suspicion, she confirmed that she was raised a Mormon. Fans had their suspicions since she came from a family of six siblings. Courtney revealed that they were only allowed to watch Animal Planet when young.

Thanks to her massive social media following, Courtney has collaborated with several brands over the years and promoted her through her social media channels.


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